Wednesday, July 1, 2009

'90s Fashion

After my boss was back from Paris, my workload was strangely increased by 40% (don’t you wish that’s a salary increase?).

So one of my new tasks is to compile detailed history of CHADWICKS. Yes, everyone has a past, and it is the past that brings us to where we are today (and yes, I like to make summary out of everything). Compiling Chadwicks history is actually a lot more fun than expected. For example, I learned that Chadwicks was actually called Chadwick’s of Boston before. Chadwicks was the first women’s apparel catalog in this country. Another thing I found is that I actually like some of the clothes on those '90s catalogs!!


Check out this “lavished-with-lace Clues" in the above picture (the black dress on the left hand side). Isn’t the dress gorgeous? There is almost zero difference between the “Clues” from the '90s and a strap dress from 2009.

So my conclusion from this new task is: buying timelessly stylish clothes is an investment (no, I am not going to say this to my boss).

Click here to check out more Chadwicks '90s fashion.


  1. This makes me feel better about clothes that I still have from that time! At least the ones that I can still fit into!

  2. You should try to find a similiar dress from every year to see the differences through the years. It would be fun to see all the change.