Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I want to be a Toys"R"Us Mom Promotion!

CHADWICKS® is proud to partner with Toys “R” Us in recognizing all you moms with the: I want to be a Toys R Us Mom Promotion!

Join the celebration at one of 50 new Toys “R” Us stores opening nationwide June 4 - October 15, 2010; from New York to California and Texas to Washington! Be one of the first 100 people at your local event 9:30 a.m. Friday morning to receive your free gift bag valued at over $100, including a Chadwicks coupon and a fun Chadwicks fashion accessory!

Locate a Grand Opening or Re-Opening near you by clicking on Find the state you live in, download your ‘secret coupon’ and redeem it on Grand Opening/Re-Opening Weekend to reveal your shopping discount.

For more information visit

Coookouts and Stains, Don't Worry!

The weather has been heating up and so has the battle against stains during all the cookouts and summer outings. Here are some quick tips to save your favorite tees and shorts:

Butter (corn on the cob, yum) – scrape off with dull knife or spoon and, if possible, pre-treat stain with liquid dish soap. Don’t rinse stain with water at this point. At home, treat with laundry detergent and wash according to care label instructions.

Ketchup (burgers) – scrape away as much as possible and rinse thoroughly the stain from back to front with cool water. At home, gently rub a little detergent into the stain and let it set 5-10 minutes and then launder as usual with a regular bleach for whites and non-chlorine bleach for colors.

Salad Dressing (macaroni, tossed) – sprinkle baby powder or a packet of artificial sweetener on stain to absorb excess oil. At home, pre-treat with liquid laundry detergent or dish soap and launder following care label instructions. Repeat if needed.

Beer and Wine (icy cold) – Beer, blot stain with paper towel or napkin and rinse out with cold water from the back (if possible). Red wine, pour club soda on the stain from back to front and blot again. Launder following care label instructions and do not machine dry until stain completely gone.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t sweat over the small stuff like stains! Carry a stain stick too!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

self confidence

I recently read an article in a magazine that gave 39 tips to help build self confidence. The tips consisted of things like; accept praise from others, reward yourself, imagine success, which I think are good tips, but I feel one of the most important ways to boost self confidence is to feel good about how you look. When I am wearing a great outfit, and I spend more time on my hair and makeup and feel really pulled together - dont you agree?

What makes you feel more self confident?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Attention Frizz fighters
As I am sure many of you have heard of there is a hair treatment out there that is suppose to be a miracle worker for those of us gals that have frizzy, unruly hair! Well, I happen to be one of those ladies that after spending an hour straightening their hair, gets this sort of halo effect of frizz two hours into the night! But there is help out there for us! There is this new (semi-new) hair treatment that has become very popular called Keratin. Keratin is an actual protein that helps strengthen your hair and also cuts out all the frizz. This treatment is offered at many salons and can be kind of pricey, but the good thing is that it lasts up to 6 months! So, I have broken down and decided to get it done this weekend! I am very excited but at the same time very nervous because for three days, I can’t wash or pull my hair back, not even with a small barrette. That may be tough especially if it is going to be as hot as it was this past weekend, but I am thinking it will be worth it! So, if you are one of those people that are always fighting frizz, you should definitely look into a Keratin treatment, I think you will be very happy!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Yes! The weekend is here! It's been a crazy busy week and I definitely need a couple days off. Last weekend I hosted get-togethers on Saturday and Sunday and I have another one this Sunday. Plus we have a 40th birthday party to go to on Saturday. And to top it off my sister is up from Florida and her and my nephew are staying with us for a few weeks. My social calendar is definitely booked solid! And because of that, I need some cute, casual outfits to wear to all these functions and luckily we have them right here at Chadwicks.

I love the Knit Peasant Dress for outdoor parties and the Bermuda Shorts for cookouts. Also the Cotton T-Shirt Blazer and Trouser Jeans with any of our cute tees are great for going out to dinner. It always helps to have these basics on hand so I can be ready for anything.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 ways to deal with Jealousy

I read an excellent article about dealing with Jealousy on the CNN website. It’s by Wendy Atterberry. Let’s face it we all have bouts of jealousy. Dealing with it in a productive way is the key. Otherwise it will eat you alive. There are so many areas of our lives where the green eyed monster can rear its ugly head. For instance the article mentioned if we are having a “fat week” we can be jealous of women with great figures. If we do not like what we see in our closets we can envy women with seemingly effortless style. We can have issues with money, lifestyle, and the career success of others, some days it can seem like everyone is better off than we are. It is important to realize that life is not a competition. Here are 8 ways to deal with “woe is me” when it strikes.

1. Identify exactly what it is you are feeling jealous of.

2. Ask yourself whether/how attaining it really will make you happier and more fulfilled.

3. Determine whether it’s actually possible for you to attain.

4. Find alternative and attainable ways to bring more joy and satisfaction into your life.

5. Make a plan.

6. Celebrate your own unique talents and skills.

7. Acknowledge the work it takes to achieve success.

8. Realize that no one’s life is perfect.

We all have talents and skills. It’s important to recognize these in ourselves to keep us focused on what we have rather than what someone else has. It’s a matter of keeping things in perspective. Make a list of things you can do right now that will enrich your life. You have the power to create joy and fulfillment in your life. It's you that sets that in motion.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fashion Advice

Just curious- what do you trust most for your fashion advice? Do you like reading through magazines and seeing what is hot? Or would you rather browse the web to find something that catches your attention? Maybe its something you see a friend wearing or their advice that you prefer? We all value our individual style, where do you create yours?

SALE Away this Summer!

Summer just started and do you know what that means? Summer Sales! Fashion moves at such a fast pace, that lucky for us shoppers, the clothes we need to wear now are just getting marked down. Stores need to start making room for the next season and before we know it the fall collections will be pouring in, some as soon as mid July!

But who buys a leather jacket in July? Well, honestly … me! I’m all about the fast fashion craze. I like to buy before the season and plan my key purchases ahead. So what if I’m buying heavy wool coats in September and bathing suits in February? My friends think I’m crazy. They would much rather shop for summer clothes now and score them on sale. Don’t get me wrong I do visit the sale racks but I gravitate towards pieces that I can wear all year round, like this adorable Ruffle-Front Shirtdress on sale for
only 34.99!
I can wear it this summer and in the fall I can add a cardigan, tights and boots … talk about versatile!

As a matter of fact Chadwicks is having a sale as I write, and it’s a good one! Now is the time to grab all the best deals, but stay tuned for the fall collection the way things are moving it will be here before you know it. And let me tell you there are some exciting new things on the way like unbelievable designer-quality denim (but you didn't hear that from me!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Sun Tips

Happy First Day of Summer! The long awaited (or long dreaded) day is here! 'Fun in the sun', 'School's out for the summer' you get the idea - Some of us might be dreading summertime - Summer = beach = bikini = should not have eaten that Boston creme pie donut this morning. We spend so much time thinking about how our bodies look in certain clothes, but maybe not so much time on what we're exposing our bodies to.
Here are some summer sun-safey tips:
  • For those sunny summer days, don't skimp on the sunscreen! Dermatologists recommend a nickel size amount for the face and two shot glasses worth on the rest of your body, apply at least 20 minutes before going outside to let it sink it and reapply every 90 minutes.
  • Apply sunscreen even on those cloudy summer days, UVA rays and get through the clouds!
  • Make sure you get a "broad-spectrum sunscreen" with UVA and UVB protection - that's the way to stay fully protected.
  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen to your head/scalp and your lips!
  • Stay hydrated = drink lots of water! You're sweating extra when you're laying in the sun, so replenish those liquids.

Follow these sun-safety tips, and enjoy the summer while it lasts!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion I don't Understand

I really like the previous post so I decide to make a similar post of it - Fashion I don't Understand.

The first one is Björk's swan dress back in the 2001 Academy Awards, a dress designed by Marjan Pejoski. The dress itself looks kind of cute. However once you wear it, it looks like dead swan hanging on your neck...

The interesting thing is that you can probably still find a counterfeit one on ebay now...

Another one is Ashley Olsen's recent look... A look that reminds me of my old days in NYC when I had to compete seats on the E train with some homeless people every morning & every night.... Her style just looks like them...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Trends I Love but Will Never Wear

A lot of times we love trends that we would never attempt to wear. Whether it is because we think we cannot pull it off or we just feel uncomfortable trying. Here a couple of trends I love but you will never see me wearing:

The Forehead Headband

This bohemian trend has been rising in popularity as celebs like the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton have been seen on the streets sporting this look. Although I think it looks cute when I end up seeing their pictures in my gossip mags, I’m not sure if an ordinary person like myself could pull this off on any regular day.


This one piece, cut out bathing suit first seemed to be designed for those who were feeling too old or self conscious to be wearing a bikini but still wanted to bear a little skin. Now monokini’s are a hot swim trend and many people are wearing them because they are just as sexy as, or even sexier than bikinis.

Super High Platform Shoes

Anything past a 4 inch heel is a bit too high for me. Add another 1 ½ inches of a platform on top of that and my 5’ 6’’ easily turns into an uncomfortable 6 feet for me that I am not willing to do. I have always dated tall guys so I can wear whatever shoes I want without being taller than them, but some of these shoes may start exceeding my guy and could possibly have me toppling over.

What trends do you love but are unsure about wearing?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Name Brands!

I am so excited that Chadwicks is carrying name brands at such great prices! It's perfect timing for me. Summers are crazy-busy. I don't want to run around to stores looking for a new top for a BBQ or a new dress for a cocktail party. Now I can order some of my favorite brands while enjoying a little time off on my deck. So for the Fathers Day cookout and Wedding the following weekend, I am set! I just ordered a cute top from August Silk and a go-anywhere dress from Nina Leonard.
Now to get a little sun and relaxation in for me...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Stop! It's the Fashion Police

Have you ever been pulled over by the dreaded Fashion Police? For those unfamiliar with the term, those are the people (any people, really) that critique you for what they see as a fashion faux pas. Maybe almost everyone has someone in their lives that serves that function. My friend’s teenage daughter is happy to provide her with that service. The other day she accused her mom of wearing “clown pants.” And her pants just looked kind of normal to me. I wonder what she’ll say about these pants that I plan to purchase from us that also look like regular jeans to me…

What doesn’t look so normal to me is this pair of jeans that I found online.

What do you think of them? What would the Fashion Police say? I say that whoever is wearing these jeans should hope that they never run into my friend’s daughter!

by AEL

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hot Weather, Cool Feet!

Studded Slingbacks, Cork Wedges, Gladiator Flats and Mule Espadrilles! When the weather heats up so does the shoe selection at Chadwicks. There just aren’t enough days in the week or the month to wear them all. It’s so hard just to decide which color, style and which brand name too! If your like me and love those hot summer styles but love cool feet (I’m into all the flats myself but that’s just me) in lots of colors, check them out before their sold out! Whether your walking, working, socializing or just love sandals and shoes at really great prices Chadwicks can surely add to your collection.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Layering for the Summer weather

It is hot outside! And the AC is officially on at work. I need layers that I can put on and take off throughout the day, but still look nice! My favorite Chadwicks page is ‘Shop by Outfits’. It gives some great layering ideas in addition to some easy outfits to put together. These along with my Turn-it-Around Tank and I can create outfits for cool days in the office and still step outside for a quick lunch and a few rays of sun without melting!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to work!

This past weekend was beautiful here in New England. The weather was great except for a few showers late in the day on Saturday. But it is always a little tough to get back in the swing of work after a 3 day weekend. So I'm glad that we can wear jeans to work. It definitely makes it easier come Tuesday morning. I got my new jeans last week and I am wearing them today. And they are really comfortable! They are the High Waist Jeans and they fit great! All I had to do was grab a top and some heels and away I go. Well after make-up of course! I already ordered another pair.
Now if only the things that I have to get done in the next 4 days were so easy...