Friday, June 11, 2010

Trends I Love but Will Never Wear

A lot of times we love trends that we would never attempt to wear. Whether it is because we think we cannot pull it off or we just feel uncomfortable trying. Here a couple of trends I love but you will never see me wearing:

The Forehead Headband

This bohemian trend has been rising in popularity as celebs like the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton have been seen on the streets sporting this look. Although I think it looks cute when I end up seeing their pictures in my gossip mags, I’m not sure if an ordinary person like myself could pull this off on any regular day.


This one piece, cut out bathing suit first seemed to be designed for those who were feeling too old or self conscious to be wearing a bikini but still wanted to bear a little skin. Now monokini’s are a hot swim trend and many people are wearing them because they are just as sexy as, or even sexier than bikinis.

Super High Platform Shoes

Anything past a 4 inch heel is a bit too high for me. Add another 1 ½ inches of a platform on top of that and my 5’ 6’’ easily turns into an uncomfortable 6 feet for me that I am not willing to do. I have always dated tall guys so I can wear whatever shoes I want without being taller than them, but some of these shoes may start exceeding my guy and could possibly have me toppling over.

What trends do you love but are unsure about wearing?

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