Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SALE Away this Summer!

Summer just started and do you know what that means? Summer Sales! Fashion moves at such a fast pace, that lucky for us shoppers, the clothes we need to wear now are just getting marked down. Stores need to start making room for the next season and before we know it the fall collections will be pouring in, some as soon as mid July!

But who buys a leather jacket in July? Well, honestly … me! I’m all about the fast fashion craze. I like to buy before the season and plan my key purchases ahead. So what if I’m buying heavy wool coats in September and bathing suits in February? My friends think I’m crazy. They would much rather shop for summer clothes now and score them on sale. Don’t get me wrong I do visit the sale racks but I gravitate towards pieces that I can wear all year round, like this adorable Ruffle-Front Shirtdress on sale for
only 34.99!
I can wear it this summer and in the fall I can add a cardigan, tights and boots … talk about versatile!

As a matter of fact Chadwicks is having a sale as I write, and it’s a good one! Now is the time to grab all the best deals, but stay tuned for the fall collection the way things are moving it will be here before you know it. And let me tell you there are some exciting new things on the way like unbelievable designer-quality denim (but you didn't hear that from me!)

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