Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Dress for an Evening Wedding

With a couple of evening weddings coming up I wanted to know if the rules had changed since the last evening wedding I had attended. Dressing for an evening wedding is a little more formal than an afternoon wedding, but I didn’t know exactly what the rules were so I did a little research. I came across the article below at the eHow website. (http://www.ehow.com/). I found the information very helpful. Let me know what you think?

How to Dress for an Evening Wedding

By an eHow Contributor

Evening weddings are more formal than their daytime counterparts. Invitations may say black tie; if not, opt for semiformal. So just what does that mean?
1. Consider an evening wedding as an occasion to dress up. Leave your daytime clothes in the closet and pull out those really dressy things you thought you’d never have the opportunity to wear.

2. Remember, the more formal the venue, the dressier the attire.

3. Rent the tux, guys, or pull it out to its hiding place in the closet. Black tie means just that: a black bowtie and cummerbund.

4. Opt for a formal gown or ensemble for black tie, ladies. Keep the lines simple, the accents subtle and the color complementary to your coloring. Consider a sleek velvet dress with a little lace, or a full shimmery skirt with a sequin stretch top and color-coordinated satin wrap.

5. Regard semiformal as slightly less dressy than black tie. A man may opt for a cummerbund and tie that match the colors of his date’s dress, or a very nice dark suit and tie. A woman might consider an elegant cocktail dress that hits just around the knee.

6. Select shoes wisely. You’ll be on your feet socializing and dancing well into the evening, so keep them comfortable. Women Stockings are a must.

The dresses below from Chadwicks are a great pick for a night wedding.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Office Staples to "Must Have" Items - CHADWICKS Here I Come!

Yesterday’s CHADWICKS facebook post on office wardrobe staples left me asking what are my “must have” items? Or do I have any of the office staples on my “must have” list? So last night I went home and opened my wonderful walk-in closet, boy was I amazed at what I found! Yes, I have all of the office staples but beyond that I found my closet to be somewhat boring. I need color, I need diversity in my items and most of all I need to make my office and weekend attire blend seamlessly! What did I do next you ask? I opened up the latest CHADWICKS catalog and circled all the items that will help me achieve my goals! Turned out to be a big list but they did become my “must haves” items...I need to order them! I know you’re waiting for it so below is a breakdown of my Fall 2010 “must haves”.

  1. Easy Knit Drape-Front Ruffle Cardigan
  2. Flyaway Sweater
  3. The Layered-Look Henley
  4. Pleated Tee
  5. Ruched Leather Blazer
  6. Dressy Denim Trapunto Jeans
  7. 3-Piece Point Knit Ensemble
  8. Knit Ruffle Wrap Dress
  9. Scrunch Scarf
  10. Tall Leather Wedge Boots

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Bridemaids Bliss

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is my BFF's wedding and I’m super excited. In fact, I’m not even nervous that I’m her only her only bridesmaid. I mean how could I be? Especially when I got to buy whatever dress I wanted, without any interference from the bride (boy am I glad she trusts my taste). I immediately bought the Stretch Satin Party Dress, its’ been on my list for a long time and I finally got the reason to purchase it!

My weekend duties will include the toast (I’ve been practicing for weeks), paying the vendors (checks are cut I just need to deliver them during the reception) and of course helping the bride with anything and everything she may need. I’m always good in a pinch so this will be easy, or at least I thought…Last night the Bride called me in a tizzy insisting I make her an “emergency bag”. If this kit were for me I’d just throw in some chap stick, a few Band-Aids and some travel deodorant. That however, will not fly with this girl! She carries a large purse everywhere “just in case” she needs something. Help, what do I include in an emergency bridal kit?!? I want to please the bride but I also want to be practical and not lug around an over-sized bag all weekend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am proud to say that I am one of those shoppers that walks into a store and goes directly to the sale rack. Or I pick up a catalog and turn to the clearance section. I love to get items at a bargain. This is my first year working at Chadwicks. And the Summer Clearance catalog is phenomenal! I got shirts, jeans, and a jacket at amazing prices. Each of these items are under $10!

Check out our website at www.chadwicks.com for even more bargains.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Purse Persuasion

So if there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s my obsession with accessories, especially bags, purses and clutches! I love them so much that my new walk in closet has an entire wall dedicated to my beloved items. But with so many to choose from I find myself actually using two bags on a regular basis while the others are used for specific occasions/outfits.

My two go to bags are:

  1. Satchel Bag (medium sized) – fits everything I need on any given day, the arm loop is big and comfy and it’s a solid color that will either coordinate or add a pop of color to my wardrobe.
  2. Small Leather Clutch – Its length and slimness fits just my necessities, Chap Stick, ID, credit card, cash and Blackberry. I only use this bag in the evenings whether it’s a girls night at the bar or out to dinner with the hubby a clutch add instant class to any ensemble.

What are your top bags and purses? Do you find yourself using one style verses another?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sweaters Among Us!

Say it isn't so, that there's only a few short weeks of Summer left! I do love a warm beautiful Fall day though. It is time to pull out some long sleeve tops and some light sweaters for those cooler Summer nights. Sweaters are so versatile today with all the styles and colors to choose from. You can dress in layers or simply wear them alone. Who doesn't love a great comfy sweater on a damp rainy day too? The season is here to start shopping for Fall Sweaters for your everyday jeans or casual pants to wear to work. Do you have room for some more sweaters in your closet? I always do!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Fun in the Backyard

Since the economy has hit a "snag" there has been a resurgence in yard games and backyard fun. I remember playing Crocket, Tetherball and Bocce growing up but not since I was 10...until last summer that is! My husband and I are addicted to Ladderball; our neighbors gave us the game last summer and we've been playing it ever since. It’s a great way to laugh and unwind after a long day. We enjoyed our time in the backyard so much we went out and bought more games including Bocce (my favorite from childhood), Bean Bag Toss and Washer Toss.

And backyard games are not just for BBQ's or family reunions anymore. Whenever I have friends, neighbors or family over we always end playing games in the backyard, even if it wasn’t our original intention. So fellow CHADWICKS are you as addicted as I am? What is your favorite yard game or way to relax in the backyard with your family?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Comfortable In Capri's

At 5’5 I am by no means tall or short but that leave me without issues of finding the proper pant length. With shorter legs and a longer torso I fond it difficult to wear capri’s without long like I shrunk my wardrobe. Until this summer I wore long shorts (falling just above the knee) but now I proudly done ankle length capri’s! How did I pull it off? I followed a friend’s 3 basic rules for capri’s and well I wanted to share the wealth!
  1. Never wear flats even if the heal is ½ inch – 3 ½ inches it will create the effect of longer legs!
  2. Make sure the pants have movement to them. Opt for something besides a straight cut, if a pant pulls away from your body at the cuff it will make you legs look slimmer and your body longer,
  3. Make sure the hem hits at least 2 inches above your ankle anything falling at or above this height is too short to be considered waders, making it obvious that your wearing cropped pants.
f I can finally rock the cropped pants look without sacrificing my style or height so can you! In fact I now live in my Not Your Daughter’s Jeans® Ultra-Slimming Ankle Pants.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Farmers Market Fresh

I don’t know about you but I love to cook…ok well at least attempt to pull off a good meal! Summer is one of my favorite times to experiment and try new dishes. So many fresh fruits and veggies peak in the summer, making it the perfect time to try a new flavor you might not have considered before. I visit my local farmers market for the best products they offer a wide variety of items and can often offer advice on how to integrate them into your meal. After my last trip to the farmers market I made an amazing grilled chicken breast topped with a fresh basil, mint, papaya, peach and apple salsa. It was so yummy that my husband had thirds! Sad part is I don’t know it if I could replicate it because I just threw a bunch of ingredients together and crossed my fingers that it worked...

But that got me wondering. What are your favorite summer recipes? Can you offer me any advice for fresh summer cooking? Please feel free to share your post your ideas or recipes below

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Legging Longevity

Leggings are all the rage and we know it can be scary to try something this bold. Lets be honest it’s a fashion statement that really puts your fashion sense on display! Personally I’m a fan of pairing the leggings with shirt dress and finishing the look with a large loose fitting belt. If you want to wear them to the office and it’s within your dress code try pairing them with a cute skirt or dress you typically wear on the weekend. My only stipulation on this is that all assets must be appropriately covered before the leggings are added! Keep in mind that outside the workplace leggings are great under many things including empire waist dresses, tunics, over-sized boyfriend shorts/button downs even skirts.

Follow my quick tips and I’m sure you’ll be trying the leggings in no time!

  1. Make sure the fabric breathable to help keep you cool.
  2. Try a legging in basic black, its slimming and easy to pair with almost any outfit!
  3. The leggings should end a few inches above the ankle, think Capri or clam digger length.

Share your thoughts and post below. Do you have any tips and tricks for making leggings work for you?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Reads

TGIF! The work week is coming to a close which means its time for one of my favorite summer activities…hitting the beach and getting lost in a great book! Reading, especially while at the beach hearing the wave’s crash in the background, is very relaxing and the perfect way to wind down from the office hustle and bustle. This summer there seems to be tons of great novels I’m finding it hard to pick just one. Currently, I have two lists that I’m slowly picking my way through the “must read list” that features more hard hitting serious novels and the “beach read list” which as you can imagine highlights chic lit at its finest.

I’ve included my lists below and would love to hear what’s on your lists. Do you have any great novels you can recommend? What’s on your summer reading lists? Oh and if you’re a book-alcoholic like me check out www.goodreads.com it’s a great site for book-lovers!

“Must Read” List:

  1. Tinkers – Paul Harding
  2. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake – Aimee Bender
  3. The Help - Kathryn Stockett
  4. Still Missing – Chevy Stevens
  5. Innocent - Scott Turow

“Beach Read” List:

  1. Heart of the Matter – Emily Giffin
  2. One Day – David Nicholls
  3. Best Friends Forever - Jennifer Weiner
  4. Belong to Me - Marisa de los Santos
  5. A Vintage Affair - Isabel Wolff

Monday, July 26, 2010

Comfortable Chic

I love summer, I love the outdoors and I love staying active BUT I despise the heat and humidity. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the nice weather and everything summer brings but I have trouble trying to not break a sweat just by walking from my front door to my car. Trying to beat the summer heat, while staying comfortable and chic can be achieved (if I can do it so can you!). Follow my tips for simple and chic summer styling; hopefully they will help you stay cool, comfy and fashionable all summer long!

  1. Wear light colors – they reflect heat while darker colors will absurd it.
  2. Try a jersey dress – lightweight and breathable fabric is key!
  3. Invest slightly above knee length skirts – East, breezy and well beautiful!
  4. Rock the boyfriend shirt – Over sized clothing is less restricting.
Do you have any advice? Share you tips for comfortable summer fashions below.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer is a wonderful thing!

I just had a fantastic week off. I really love summer. I spent a lot of time at the beach as the weather here was 90+ degrees and very humid. Everything about the beach is great in my eyes. We visited three different beaches so far. Two I had never been to. Old Silver Beach in Falmouth is my all time favorite. It has white soft sand, warm clear water and fried dough. You cannot ask for more than that! The first time I go to the beach each year brings the same feeling for me. Apprehension. How am I going to look in my bathing suit this year? For some reason I didn’t have that feeling this year. Gone was the feeling that I am not good enough or that there is something inherently wrong with me. I was very comfortable in my skin. (Though far from perfect) What I have found is that most people at the beach are just like me. They do not have the perfect body and wear bathing suits that cover most of the things that need covering. Who said we had to look like models to enjoy the beach. Yes, there are some young people in the little bathing suits getting their summer tan. (See me when you are 50 after all of that sun). For the most part it is the average mother and father with their kids or grandparents with their grandchildren just enjoying the beach. Everyone with the pails and shovels, cooler full of goodies and of course the big umbrella for some much needed shade. I am planning on taking advantage of every opportunity to visit new beaches this year. Once summer is gone I want to feel like I didn’t miss a thing. Check out these bathing suits on the Chadwicks of Boston Website. All on sale!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeans, Jeans - Bring them On!

Whether it's Summer or the start of the Fall Shopping season, jeans know no season! Jeans are like a part of your daily diet, you just have to have them or you cannot survive. They go great with a cute summer tee or a colorful Fall sweater. You can dress them up or down to fit your every need or desire and you have an instant outfit for working all day or playing all weekend. After all, who doesn't love a great pair of jeans that feels and looks good. I say bless the person who invented stretch denim too because that's the ultimate in a comfy pair of jeans. The great thing about jeans is that they have different washes too like dark, medium and light so you can get them all and create different looks. Chadwicks has a great denim collection to fit your style so why not try on a pair today. What's your favorite fit jean? I like bootcut and sits at natural waist.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dont you just love summer accessories? There are so many great ways to update your summer look without spending lost of money just by changing up your accessories! Jewelry pieces in silver, wood or even colorful plastics are inexpensive, but add a pop to your wardrobe. Straw bags and totes are another inexpensive but fun look for the summer. And a great belt is always an easy way to change up your look. Check out all of the great accessories at Chadwicks!!

Summer Fashion Statements

I find summer to be a relaxing and fun season. There’s nice weather, family BBQ’s, vacations and playful yet classy summer clothing. For me, summer is a time to make bold fashion statements the best way I know how…with an amazing accessory! I like to make sure that my accessories can go with any outfit, transition from day to night and carry from the beach to a backyard BBQ or possibly a fancy night out! My top choices are large (and numerous) bangles, over-sized sunglasses, cute sandals and big floppy hats. Each has their benefits from sun protection, to comfy footwear to classic chic style. So how do you accessorize in the summer? Do you have a favorite piece or must have fashion accessory?

Friday, July 16, 2010

CHADWICKS Celebrates Successful Partnership with “The Balancing Act”

CHADWICKS and “The Balancing Act”, a weekday morning show exclusively for and about women airing on Lifetime, are pleased to announce their recent success. Three segments focusing on fashion and featuring CHADWICKS clothing won Telly Awards! What are the Telly awards you ask? Well, these awards specifically honor the very best local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, including film and video productions. In fact, they are a highly coveted industry award!

It has been an honor to work with and be featured on “The Balancing Act” a morning show the both inspires and empowers women. If you haven’t already please be sure to watch the three segments “Dressing For Special Occasions”, “Changeover Fall Fashion Makeover” and “New Host’s Stylin In Boston”on our YouTube channel now.

So commemorate this special occasion with us. CHADWICKS is now offering 30% off one item with code CHBA. You must act fast because this offer is only valid through 7/22/10. Shop us today.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Like Riding a Bike...

You know the phrase "it's like riding a bike, you never forget!" well it's not entirely true, you're a little nervous and shaky at first, but you will remember eventually. Lately, I've been really into bike riding - I've been going so often, I outgrew my cute little beach cruiser and bought a real (grown-up) road bike. There are a number of bike-friendly trails all across Massachusetts and New Hampshire that make for a great leisurely ride, a good workout and all around good time! We went on one trip - it was 14 miles of paved, flat, shaded bike path that ended near a lake and had a little picnic lunch, totally beats sitting in the hot car waiting in traffic to go to the beach!
I'm no 'Lance Armstrong' but I do enjoy a 10+ mile ride every once in a while, but I'm not really sure about the cyclist fashion style - tight spandex shorts and lycra, form-fitting shirts, soccer cleat looking shoes - I'm sure all that fancy clothing makes for a more aerodynamic, smoother ride - but I just don't have the figure to wear spandex all over! I think I'm going to opt for a casual pair of shorts, t-shirt and a hoodie - this terry set from Chadwicks is already sitting in my cart :) Because in the end, it's really what you're comfortable in. The most important bike riding gear is a proper fitting helmet: You always want to protect your head in case of anything!

So, pack a picnic lunch, ditch the car and bike ride somewhere!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Exclusive Friday Free 4 All Contest via Twitter

To celebrate the enjoyment of Friday’s we are launching an Exclusive “ Friday Free 4 All Contest” via Twitter. Starting today and continuing through the rest of July we will be tweeting one question related to CHADWICKS every Friday at 12pm EDT. Tweet us your answer by 3pm EDT that same Friday and you could win FREE CHADWICKS merchandise of your choice!

We will choose 3 random winners from all the correct answers. The winners will then be able to choose one free category item (related to the question) as their prize. Please know that it may take 2-3 weeks to receive your prize.

So now is the time to find and follow us on Twitter, CHADWICKSDOTCOM, because you don’t want to miss your chance to win free merchandise!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Show your 4th of July Colors!

4th of July is one of the best days of the summer, especially if you live near the Boston area. The city is filled with festivals, parades, historical tours, Fireworks, and of course the Boston Pops on the Esplanade. Make a splash with your wardrobe this day and show your American pride, without having to wear funny hats or Abraham Lincoln paraphernalia. Here is a great simple dress, pair it with a denim jacket and some colorful shoes, and you look stylish and festive!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I want to be a Toys"R"Us Mom Promotion!

CHADWICKS® is proud to partner with Toys “R” Us in recognizing all you moms with the: I want to be a Toys R Us Mom Promotion!

Join the celebration at one of 50 new Toys “R” Us stores opening nationwide June 4 - October 15, 2010; from New York to California and Texas to Washington! Be one of the first 100 people at your local event 9:30 a.m. Friday morning to receive your free gift bag valued at over $100, including a Chadwicks coupon and a fun Chadwicks fashion accessory!

Locate a Grand Opening or Re-Opening near you by clicking on www.iwanttobeatoysrusmom.com Find the state you live in, download your ‘secret coupon’ and redeem it on Grand Opening/Re-Opening Weekend to reveal your shopping discount.

For more information visit www.iwanttobeatoysrusmom.com

Coookouts and Stains, Don't Worry!

The weather has been heating up and so has the battle against stains during all the cookouts and summer outings. Here are some quick tips to save your favorite tees and shorts:

Butter (corn on the cob, yum) – scrape off with dull knife or spoon and, if possible, pre-treat stain with liquid dish soap. Don’t rinse stain with water at this point. At home, treat with laundry detergent and wash according to care label instructions.

Ketchup (burgers) – scrape away as much as possible and rinse thoroughly the stain from back to front with cool water. At home, gently rub a little detergent into the stain and let it set 5-10 minutes and then launder as usual with a regular bleach for whites and non-chlorine bleach for colors.

Salad Dressing (macaroni, tossed) – sprinkle baby powder or a packet of artificial sweetener on stain to absorb excess oil. At home, pre-treat with liquid laundry detergent or dish soap and launder following care label instructions. Repeat if needed.

Beer and Wine (icy cold) – Beer, blot stain with paper towel or napkin and rinse out with cold water from the back (if possible). Red wine, pour club soda on the stain from back to front and blot again. Launder following care label instructions and do not machine dry until stain completely gone.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t sweat over the small stuff like stains! Carry a stain stick too!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

self confidence

I recently read an article in a magazine that gave 39 tips to help build self confidence. The tips consisted of things like; accept praise from others, reward yourself, imagine success, which I think are good tips, but I feel one of the most important ways to boost self confidence is to feel good about how you look. When I am wearing a great outfit, and I spend more time on my hair and makeup and feel really pulled together - dont you agree?

What makes you feel more self confident?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Attention Frizz fighters
As I am sure many of you have heard of there is a hair treatment out there that is suppose to be a miracle worker for those of us gals that have frizzy, unruly hair! Well, I happen to be one of those ladies that after spending an hour straightening their hair, gets this sort of halo effect of frizz two hours into the night! But there is help out there for us! There is this new (semi-new) hair treatment that has become very popular called Keratin. Keratin is an actual protein that helps strengthen your hair and also cuts out all the frizz. This treatment is offered at many salons and can be kind of pricey, but the good thing is that it lasts up to 6 months! So, I have broken down and decided to get it done this weekend! I am very excited but at the same time very nervous because for three days, I can’t wash or pull my hair back, not even with a small barrette. That may be tough especially if it is going to be as hot as it was this past weekend, but I am thinking it will be worth it! So, if you are one of those people that are always fighting frizz, you should definitely look into a Keratin treatment, I think you will be very happy!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Yes! The weekend is here! It's been a crazy busy week and I definitely need a couple days off. Last weekend I hosted get-togethers on Saturday and Sunday and I have another one this Sunday. Plus we have a 40th birthday party to go to on Saturday. And to top it off my sister is up from Florida and her and my nephew are staying with us for a few weeks. My social calendar is definitely booked solid! And because of that, I need some cute, casual outfits to wear to all these functions and luckily we have them right here at Chadwicks.

I love the Knit Peasant Dress for outdoor parties and the Bermuda Shorts for cookouts. Also the Cotton T-Shirt Blazer and Trouser Jeans with any of our cute tees are great for going out to dinner. It always helps to have these basics on hand so I can be ready for anything.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 ways to deal with Jealousy

I read an excellent article about dealing with Jealousy on the CNN website. It’s by Wendy Atterberry. Let’s face it we all have bouts of jealousy. Dealing with it in a productive way is the key. Otherwise it will eat you alive. There are so many areas of our lives where the green eyed monster can rear its ugly head. For instance the article mentioned if we are having a “fat week” we can be jealous of women with great figures. If we do not like what we see in our closets we can envy women with seemingly effortless style. We can have issues with money, lifestyle, and the career success of others, some days it can seem like everyone is better off than we are. It is important to realize that life is not a competition. Here are 8 ways to deal with “woe is me” when it strikes.

1. Identify exactly what it is you are feeling jealous of.

2. Ask yourself whether/how attaining it really will make you happier and more fulfilled.

3. Determine whether it’s actually possible for you to attain.

4. Find alternative and attainable ways to bring more joy and satisfaction into your life.

5. Make a plan.

6. Celebrate your own unique talents and skills.

7. Acknowledge the work it takes to achieve success.

8. Realize that no one’s life is perfect.

We all have talents and skills. It’s important to recognize these in ourselves to keep us focused on what we have rather than what someone else has. It’s a matter of keeping things in perspective. Make a list of things you can do right now that will enrich your life. You have the power to create joy and fulfillment in your life. It's you that sets that in motion.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fashion Advice

Just curious- what do you trust most for your fashion advice? Do you like reading through magazines and seeing what is hot? Or would you rather browse the web to find something that catches your attention? Maybe its something you see a friend wearing or their advice that you prefer? We all value our individual style, where do you create yours?

SALE Away this Summer!

Summer just started and do you know what that means? Summer Sales! Fashion moves at such a fast pace, that lucky for us shoppers, the clothes we need to wear now are just getting marked down. Stores need to start making room for the next season and before we know it the fall collections will be pouring in, some as soon as mid July!

But who buys a leather jacket in July? Well, honestly … me! I’m all about the fast fashion craze. I like to buy before the season and plan my key purchases ahead. So what if I’m buying heavy wool coats in September and bathing suits in February? My friends think I’m crazy. They would much rather shop for summer clothes now and score them on sale. Don’t get me wrong I do visit the sale racks but I gravitate towards pieces that I can wear all year round, like this adorable Ruffle-Front Shirtdress on sale for
only 34.99!
I can wear it this summer and in the fall I can add a cardigan, tights and boots … talk about versatile!

As a matter of fact Chadwicks is having a sale as I write, and it’s a good one! Now is the time to grab all the best deals, but stay tuned for the fall collection the way things are moving it will be here before you know it. And let me tell you there are some exciting new things on the way like unbelievable designer-quality denim (but you didn't hear that from me!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Sun Tips

Happy First Day of Summer! The long awaited (or long dreaded) day is here! 'Fun in the sun', 'School's out for the summer' you get the idea - Some of us might be dreading summertime - Summer = beach = bikini = should not have eaten that Boston creme pie donut this morning. We spend so much time thinking about how our bodies look in certain clothes, but maybe not so much time on what we're exposing our bodies to.
Here are some summer sun-safey tips:
  • For those sunny summer days, don't skimp on the sunscreen! Dermatologists recommend a nickel size amount for the face and two shot glasses worth on the rest of your body, apply at least 20 minutes before going outside to let it sink it and reapply every 90 minutes.
  • Apply sunscreen even on those cloudy summer days, UVA rays and get through the clouds!
  • Make sure you get a "broad-spectrum sunscreen" with UVA and UVB protection - that's the way to stay fully protected.
  • Don't forget to apply sunscreen to your head/scalp and your lips!
  • Stay hydrated = drink lots of water! You're sweating extra when you're laying in the sun, so replenish those liquids.

Follow these sun-safety tips, and enjoy the summer while it lasts!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion I don't Understand

I really like the previous post so I decide to make a similar post of it - Fashion I don't Understand.

The first one is Björk's swan dress back in the 2001 Academy Awards, a dress designed by Marjan Pejoski. The dress itself looks kind of cute. However once you wear it, it looks like dead swan hanging on your neck...

The interesting thing is that you can probably still find a counterfeit one on ebay now...

Another one is Ashley Olsen's recent look... A look that reminds me of my old days in NYC when I had to compete seats on the E train with some homeless people every morning & every night.... Her style just looks like them...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Trends I Love but Will Never Wear

A lot of times we love trends that we would never attempt to wear. Whether it is because we think we cannot pull it off or we just feel uncomfortable trying. Here a couple of trends I love but you will never see me wearing:

The Forehead Headband

This bohemian trend has been rising in popularity as celebs like the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton have been seen on the streets sporting this look. Although I think it looks cute when I end up seeing their pictures in my gossip mags, I’m not sure if an ordinary person like myself could pull this off on any regular day.


This one piece, cut out bathing suit first seemed to be designed for those who were feeling too old or self conscious to be wearing a bikini but still wanted to bear a little skin. Now monokini’s are a hot swim trend and many people are wearing them because they are just as sexy as, or even sexier than bikinis.

Super High Platform Shoes

Anything past a 4 inch heel is a bit too high for me. Add another 1 ½ inches of a platform on top of that and my 5’ 6’’ easily turns into an uncomfortable 6 feet for me that I am not willing to do. I have always dated tall guys so I can wear whatever shoes I want without being taller than them, but some of these shoes may start exceeding my guy and could possibly have me toppling over.

What trends do you love but are unsure about wearing?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Name Brands!

I am so excited that Chadwicks is carrying name brands at such great prices! It's perfect timing for me. Summers are crazy-busy. I don't want to run around to stores looking for a new top for a BBQ or a new dress for a cocktail party. Now I can order some of my favorite brands while enjoying a little time off on my deck. So for the Fathers Day cookout and Wedding the following weekend, I am set! I just ordered a cute top from August Silk and a go-anywhere dress from Nina Leonard.
Now to get a little sun and relaxation in for me...