Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer is a wonderful thing!

I just had a fantastic week off. I really love summer. I spent a lot of time at the beach as the weather here was 90+ degrees and very humid. Everything about the beach is great in my eyes. We visited three different beaches so far. Two I had never been to. Old Silver Beach in Falmouth is my all time favorite. It has white soft sand, warm clear water and fried dough. You cannot ask for more than that! The first time I go to the beach each year brings the same feeling for me. Apprehension. How am I going to look in my bathing suit this year? For some reason I didn’t have that feeling this year. Gone was the feeling that I am not good enough or that there is something inherently wrong with me. I was very comfortable in my skin. (Though far from perfect) What I have found is that most people at the beach are just like me. They do not have the perfect body and wear bathing suits that cover most of the things that need covering. Who said we had to look like models to enjoy the beach. Yes, there are some young people in the little bathing suits getting their summer tan. (See me when you are 50 after all of that sun). For the most part it is the average mother and father with their kids or grandparents with their grandchildren just enjoying the beach. Everyone with the pails and shovels, cooler full of goodies and of course the big umbrella for some much needed shade. I am planning on taking advantage of every opportunity to visit new beaches this year. Once summer is gone I want to feel like I didn’t miss a thing. Check out these bathing suits on the Chadwicks of Boston Website. All on sale!

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