Friday, August 20, 2010

A Bridemaids Bliss

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is my BFF's wedding and I’m super excited. In fact, I’m not even nervous that I’m her only her only bridesmaid. I mean how could I be? Especially when I got to buy whatever dress I wanted, without any interference from the bride (boy am I glad she trusts my taste). I immediately bought the Stretch Satin Party Dress, its’ been on my list for a long time and I finally got the reason to purchase it!

My weekend duties will include the toast (I’ve been practicing for weeks), paying the vendors (checks are cut I just need to deliver them during the reception) and of course helping the bride with anything and everything she may need. I’m always good in a pinch so this will be easy, or at least I thought…Last night the Bride called me in a tizzy insisting I make her an “emergency bag”. If this kit were for me I’d just throw in some chap stick, a few Band-Aids and some travel deodorant. That however, will not fly with this girl! She carries a large purse everywhere “just in case” she needs something. Help, what do I include in an emergency bridal kit?!? I want to please the bride but I also want to be practical and not lug around an over-sized bag all weekend.

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