Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Legging Longevity

Leggings are all the rage and we know it can be scary to try something this bold. Lets be honest it’s a fashion statement that really puts your fashion sense on display! Personally I’m a fan of pairing the leggings with shirt dress and finishing the look with a large loose fitting belt. If you want to wear them to the office and it’s within your dress code try pairing them with a cute skirt or dress you typically wear on the weekend. My only stipulation on this is that all assets must be appropriately covered before the leggings are added! Keep in mind that outside the workplace leggings are great under many things including empire waist dresses, tunics, over-sized boyfriend shorts/button downs even skirts.

Follow my quick tips and I’m sure you’ll be trying the leggings in no time!

  1. Make sure the fabric breathable to help keep you cool.
  2. Try a legging in basic black, its slimming and easy to pair with almost any outfit!
  3. The leggings should end a few inches above the ankle, think Capri or clam digger length.

Share your thoughts and post below. Do you have any tips and tricks for making leggings work for you?

1 comment:

  1. I like them to wear with skirts/dresses that would otherwise be just a little bit too short.