Friday, August 6, 2010

Farmers Market Fresh

I don’t know about you but I love to cook…ok well at least attempt to pull off a good meal! Summer is one of my favorite times to experiment and try new dishes. So many fresh fruits and veggies peak in the summer, making it the perfect time to try a new flavor you might not have considered before. I visit my local farmers market for the best products they offer a wide variety of items and can often offer advice on how to integrate them into your meal. After my last trip to the farmers market I made an amazing grilled chicken breast topped with a fresh basil, mint, papaya, peach and apple salsa. It was so yummy that my husband had thirds! Sad part is I don’t know it if I could replicate it because I just threw a bunch of ingredients together and crossed my fingers that it worked...

But that got me wondering. What are your favorite summer recipes? Can you offer me any advice for fresh summer cooking? Please feel free to share your post your ideas or recipes below

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