Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fall Drama

I'm a theater geek. Correction. Musical theater geek. If it's been on the Broadway stage in the past 20 years I'm pretty sure that I can sing you at least 2 songs from it, although it's more likely that I know ALL of the songs from it, will get overexcited and try to re-enact it for you complete with choreography. I can't help myself, I love drama. Now, in my personal life, I love drama of different sort. While I've been know to tell the occasional (ok, daily) highly animated story from my life, I generally do not like a lot of drama in my everyday existence. I like my bills paid on time , harmony with my friends and family and a general undercurrent of peace through things. However, sometimes that gets boring! So, I've learned to sprinkle the drama in my wardrobe. I'm a big fan of a great pair of oversized sunglasses, gigantic cocktail rings and bold statement necklaces. I also like to play around with shapes and proportions like a good high-waist trouser or a mini dress( not too mini- I'm not 16 anymore). When the weather gets cooler I really love to play around with colorful opaque tights. I mean what a great way to add dramatic flair to an otherwise conservative outfit! This fall I plan on running wild with this trend...patterned tights under cropped pants with brightly colored flats and a boyfriend sweater, dark opaques under boldly patterned mini dresses with boots, bright opaques under otherwise conservative pencil skirts. I can't wait to put on one of these outfits, throw on my oversized sunglasses, put up my jazz hands and rock out to a show tune. And yes ladies, "jazz hands" are an accessory.

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