Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love to shop. But most importantly I like to get good quality items at a low price. Now as we know good quality and low price do not always go hand in hand. I can recommend shoes, bags, clothes, make-up and skin care that are high end... and I can also tell you about the deep discounts. How to shop for the bargain... and not to be outsmarted by the many misconceptions.

Tip # 1 Do not ever go into a off-price retailer looking for something specific. You will not find it. Always go in with an open mind, and look for the fabulous pieces on your mental list( see tip 2) to help build your wardrobe

Tip# 2 Always carry a mental list of key items you are looking to either replenish or first time purchase in order to resuscitate your wardrobe.

Tip# 3 When make-up shopping bring your cosmetic bag with your current make-up rotation in order to avoid duplication( you are rotating your colors for the season aren't you?)

Tip# 4 If you are over 25 years of age, use an anti-aging face cream. And the ingredients are what you pay for ladies, so please do not try to do it on the cheap.

Tip # 5 Familiarize yourself with the specialties within each company. For instance you know Forever 31 has great jewelery for low cost but you also know it may last just one wear( did you catch the 31 not 21?)

Tip#6 Weigh your pros and cons... are you looking for an investment piece? Go ahead and get the Gucci bag, it's timeless... looking to save some money and still look great? Try chadwicks for a change of pace, their quality is good and the brand is value driven.

Tip# 7 Lastly, do not spend money you do not have. Be smart, shop strategically. Remember keep your list mentally stored and don't believe the hype.

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  1. LOL!! Love the Forever 31. I love to shop there for trendy jewelery on the cheap!