Thursday, July 23, 2009

Motorcycle Jacket…VROOOM!!!!

Even in the Summer I dress in layers! Since this summer has not been as hot (or as sunny) as I would like, I find that I am always looking for that perfect little jacket to just throw on over my dresses, tanks, and tees! I still want to dress like it is summer in cute dresses, but no matter where I go I am freezing! Whether in the office, out to dinner, or at the movie theater, the air conditioning is on full blast regardless of the weather outside! That’s where my favorite go-to jacket comes in…the Motorcycle Jacket. I am in absolute LOVE with this trend! I have loved it for the past year- but recently I am seeing it everywhere. I already own 2 faux leather ones in black and in chocolate- but my favorite for the summer is the Chadwicks Denim Motorcycle Jacket (and it is currently on sale for $29.99). It is fitted and so flattering and works great over any outfit. I literally take it everywhere with me, just in case I get a little chill. It totally makes your outfit – and it is so much fun to add a little rocker feel to the ensemble! Not to mention it is a great update to your Denim Jacket. It’s trendy but not too over the top and adds just the right amount of fashion. Flip through any magazine and you are bound to find some version of the Motorcycle Jacket. I also hear there might just be a leather version in the Chadwicks assortment for Fall/Winter- stay on the lookout- I know I will be buying one!!

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