Friday, July 31, 2009

I Love My Dog..........

Believe it or not I used to be terrified of dogs and never grew up with a dog. When my husband and I got married we bought a house a year later and he kept saying “this house is missing a dog”. He on the other hand always grew up with dogs. I found it disgusting and annoying when I saw dogs licking people in the face or jumping on them. Never mind the hair it would collect in my new home! I am such a clean freak and the idea of going through potty training and teething would surely put me right over the edge. I entertained the idea, but always said it couldn’t be a big dog because that would be too overwhelming for me for the first dog. He on the other hand said it couldn’t be small of a dog, because that wouldn’t be “a real dog”. I also knew this “dog’’ couldn’t be a dark, long haired shedding machine - where I would see it all over my house! A year went by of being in our new home and it happened. It sorta fell right into my lap, someone here at work was breeding puggles. I had never heard of a puggle, but knew it was a mix between a pug and beagle. I was thinking of getting a pug because I always thought they were so stinkn’ ugly, which made them cute. So I took the plundge to check out this litter. Wow, it was an immediate love! So now I can’t picture my life without a dog and have no idea how I managed all these years. With that said, I will do anything for my little guy. It has changed me in such positive ways. I don’t sweat the little things anymore. Everything can be fixed, cleaned or replaced. My house doesn’t have to be picked up every second of the day, I can put things off and enjoy the day by walking my dog or playing in the yard. I have bought him all of his favorite treats and toys and I was thinking, how cute would it would be to dress my dog? He’s about 30 lbs. now and he’s done growing. I know my husband will kill me, but how about creating matching outfits from our catalogs for our dogs? I know what you’re thinking, she’s lost her mind :-)

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  1. I have a beagle and a collie. Both are very energetic and lovable. That's wonderful how you realized the human and dog bond to have never had a dog before. It doesn't take long, one look at their little face and you are hooked.

    Your doggie is very cute.