Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Generations of Stylin' Italians

Everyone knows that Italian women want things their way and they want it now! So, you know you have found a great brand when it can cater to 3 generations of Italian women. My sister and I, who are in our twenties, are always out grabbing a new outfit for a night out or a pair of pants to wear to work the next day! Our main concern is current fashion at a low price. My mom, who is in her fifties, likes to buy more classic pieces of clothing that she can wear different ways so it never looks exactly the same twice. She doesn’t mind spending a little more to get that look. My nana, who is in her eighties, is always a little chilly and does not like to show off her arms because they are “too flabby”. She likes clothes she can layer and especially three-quarter length sleeves that cover up her arms (to keep her warm AND hide the “flabbiness”).

It’s great for my whole family that I work for Chadwick’s. Every time we get a catalog in the mail, we sit down during our family dinner (typical Italians, I know) and they all go through and pick out what they want. Most recently, my sister liked the Ruffle Front Bodysuit so she can wear it to work with a high waisted pencil skirt and high heels. My mom liked the Sleeveless Pleated Shirt because she thought she could wear it all summer, and then throw it under a cardigan or sweater into the fall for a more preppy look. My nana liked the Tribal Beaded Tee because it isn’t too low cut and it has those three-quarter length sleeves she loves so much! What did I want, you ask? A little bit of everything, the list is just too long to post here…but you can get a pretty good idea if you look at everything on the site…


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  1. I'm right with you! I recently purchased an outfit for my mother-in-law for her birthday...and treated myself to a cute little top from Chadwicks as well!