Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Have to share my bargain!

This is a bargain I had to share with all of you! I had already bought this scoop tank dress/swim cover up in red earlier in the season. Now as the season has already peaked it has been marked down to $9.99. I had to buy 2 more. It is just perfect. I know you think for $9.99 it would be paper thin but it is not. It's great! I work all day in my garden on the weekends and like to jump in the pool to cool off. I hate wearing pants or shorts with a damp bathing suit so this cover up is perfect. I put my suit on first thing in the morning and throw the tank dress over it. I play in the dirt and pull a few weeds and then go for a swim. If I have to run out to pick up the kids or run into the grocery store I am all set. Throw the tank dress over my suit and I am fully covered. It is like wearing a regular casual dress. When it is 90 degrees and sticky out it is great to throw on after a shower. I love it and I just had to share it with you!

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