Friday, July 24, 2009

Back in the dating scene......

After being out of the scene for 8 years it has been quite an adjustment.

Between the dating websites and the texting it’s like being part of a whole new world. The hardest adjustment for me has been what to wear. I feel many other girls out there must be experiencing this same issue. How do you look good and show off your assets without being too over the top? I have found I have one staple first date outfit. You can’t go wrong with a great fitting pair of jeans and a cute top. Then for the 2nd date if that comes to be I love to rock a cute dress and show off the stems. Another issue has been how to make these outfits work appropriate and be able to rock them out for after work cocktails. Cardigans and my denim jacket have definitely been key for transforming my outfits from day to night. One more challenge with this whole dating scene is keeping outfits new and fresh. I don’t ever remember guys in the past being more into my wardrobe then me but let me tell you ladies that past few guys have been more into my wardrobe then I ever expected. This puts some serious pressure on when you are trying to come up with the perfect dating outfit. How do you continue to keep your looks fresh without going into the poor house? Being a typical girl I love designer labels but have come to the realization that I just can’t keep up with those price tags. So to get the looks for less I have tried brands such as Chadwick’s to mix in some new cute looks. I have posted pics of my favorite looks from Chadwicks.

To my fellow single ladies – good luck out there! And if you have any dating tips please feel free to share…..

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