Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Help for the Hatless??


Do you need it? To shop for hats?

I was proofing copy for some items in our new fall catalog and noticed that we had quite a few really cute ones that caught my eye. A newsboy cap (which is way too cute for any real newsboy to wear), a cloche with a glam flower on the side and one with kind of a modified brim. And they looked absolutely marvelous on the models that were wearing them. I said aloud that I wish I could wear hats but they always look kind of ridiculous on me, to which someone replied, “you have to find the right one.”

I kind of laughed at that since I’ve tried on so many hats and haven’t found one that I thought looked good. But I guess the comment stayed with me and I decided to go online to see if there was some kind of rules for hats.

So I went on over to a few web sites to see what kind of advice I could get: On instructables.com, they had this to say: Drag a friend with you when shopping (someone who you can trust to give you the truth and not flatter you by fibbing.) Of course, the next stop on that particular website kind of stopped me in my tracks with this advice, which I know to be true: “the world is full of hats and, most of them will look terrible on you.” Now tell me something I don’t know!!!!

The next site was something called MidoriLei.com, which claimed that the large, lightweight slouchy beret looks good on everyone. And it did look good in the pictures they had of JLo, Rhianna, and Lindsay Lohan. But there was no one on there close to my age (definitely older than those girls), so I had no role model there. Although, they did make a good point that it doesn’t give you hat hair!

Then I went over to stylelist.com that grabbed me with the intriguing headline-How to…wear a hat. According to the girl who wrote the post, it all boils down to this: find a saleslady to give you valuable advice. What she got from hers was to cover her ears (both with her hair and the hat), and to tilt the hat slightly to the left. What happened was amazing (at least to me)! Her hat looked “smashing.” And when I did look at our model in the marled hat on the metrostyle website, she had her ears covered just as advised, so I just might take that advice out for a "spin".

I guess what I really want is a program that allows you to try on hats virtually like the ones they have at the salons to try on hairstyles. Anyone know of any way to do that?

I just feel like my look for fall could stand some [hat]titude added!

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