Monday, June 29, 2009

We Love Big Earrings!

I love big earrings. Like really really really big ones. However, there is one thing that bugs me – gravity. Here’s my issue: when you wear big earrings, every turn or movement of your head seems to make your earring holes bigger, and you do feel the pain when your earrings are terribly overweight (like the ones I am wearing today).

So here are my solutions for people who like big earrings: (1) when someone calls you, don’t just turn your head but turn your whole body so that you can reduce the movement of your head! It may look a little bit strange, but at least you can protect you earring holes! (2) Just simply get some light wood earnings instead of some crazy raw metal. Light wood earnings can create that exotic feeling just like metal earrings.

How do I know the wood earrings on her are light? That's what our customer said, "These are large, but not too heavy. The wood is a nice color. Pleasantly surprised!"

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