Wednesday, June 24, 2009

“It’s just disorganized.”

So my boss stopped by my cube today, and asked me for our latest fall fashion collection book. He was standing there for literally almost 5 minutes just to watch me searching for it. 5 minutes is certainly not a long time for a cup of coffee, or for picking the dress for tomorrow's date. However, it’s quite an unbearably long time for my boss who was desperate wanting to see our latest fall book after he got back from Paris. “Arg… you know… my desk is not dirty; it’s just a little bit disorganized,” I said while I was looking for the book.

Finally, after another 2 minutes, I found the BOOK. The latest CHADWICKS FASHION book for fall 09. Now you can return to your office, Mr. Y (that's how we call him).

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