Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rainy Day Shoes

Ok, if you’re in our neck of the woods or pretty much the better part of New England, you’re getting sick of the rain too! What’s a stylish girl to do rainy day after rainy day? I love a great trench as much as the next woman. It’s simple, classic & breathes chic- No thinking involved as you’re running out the door on a groggy morning. But what about our feet? I have a basic pair of black wellies I wear from time to time. I love them, but I can’t help thinking they’re a little too heavy for the supposed summer months. Step in my new rain shoes they’re a cross between loafers and duck boots and are completely waterproof. Sound hideous, don’t they? But I have to admit they’re kind of cute with a pair of rolled skinny jeans. Even on the quick run from the car into work I’m guaranteed to splash into a puddle and there is nothing worse than sitting at my desk all day with soggy feet even in the cutest shoes. What do you think? Wear your best heels & chance they get wet & ruined in the rain? Splash through the puddles in your sandals? Anyone have any chic ideas for braving this summer rain?

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