Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Vacation...

With school starting back up. What do you do for the school vacation weeks? I don’t have any kids but my wife is a teacher. Planning a vacation around her can be a pain. She is only allowed 2 personal days a year and they cant use them to make a school break even longer. 

If you have kids do you take them out of school for a week (which I hear from my wife... most parents do), or do you wait until school vacation to go on a trip. 

Unfortunately I have to wait for those vacation weeks and I am looking to go to Florida for a week in February. Why February and not the summer when they have two months off you ask. Who wants to leave 90 degree weather to go to 100 degree weather? I like leaving in the 20-30 degree weather to go somewhere that the average is 75 degrees.

Looking for the best deals in flights I have to go Monday to Friday. Weekend flights are up to $600 each way. I was almost going to pay $600 for the two of us to fly but they were not on nonstop flights, so the travel time was well over 6 hours for a 3 hour flight if nonstop. 

I patently waited for Southwest to come out with their schedule today so I finally booked all nonstop flights for $560. (I still think this is quite expensive but to go on that week, I guess you have to pay it. The one good thing about Southwest is our bags fly for FREE! This way my wife can bring all of her favorite Chadwicks clothes, I am hoping she only uses one suitcase though. 

All I have left is to get a rental car and I will have a week of peace and quiet away from everything (except my wife). Any good ideas on what I can do in the Orlando area without spending a lot of money? I will most likely find a beach and relax for a few days.

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