Friday, September 18, 2009

Star Style

One of the main reasons people enjoy watching red carpets and award shows are to see what stars will be wearing. Even if you did not watch the Video Music Awards last Sunday night, you most likely still heard about a few over the top occurrences. Yes, the tribute to Michael Jackson was superb, and yes, Kanye West is one of the rudest human beings to grace our televisions (how great was it when Beyonce called Taylor Swift back onto the stage?), but WHAT in the world was Lady Gaga wearing?! Her outfits and especially her performance could have deemed her a female version of Marilyn Manson.

Dressing out of the ordinary and being different is respectable. If no one ever tried wearing different things then the world of fashion would be a bore. However, I’m not sure if anyone will want to be imitating Lady Gaga’s style anytime soon. I don’t know how productive I would be at work with a covering over my face and head, although I could probably sleep longer during the morning since I wouldn’t have to do my hair or makeup. What do you think of Lady Gaga’s style?

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