Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Denial?

I’m on-line surfing and I find an article about how my skinny jeans can potentially cause nerve damage due to them pressing on the nerve that runs down the side of my legs, according to some neurologist. And it gets me to thinking about the times that I have suffered to be fashionable.

As a pretty tall woman, I don’t typically wear high heels, but I have to admit that I absolutely love flip-flops. And they seem to be everywhere. I’ve seen people even wear them (pretty, sparkly ones) to weddings. And once the weather gets warm, this is one fashion trend that I’m all over. So I’m probably as bad about wearing them as other women are about high heels. And yeah, I’ve read that they can cause accidents, but they are so darn convenient and comfy. Guess since I’ve never had an accident with them, I don’t really believe that they can be deadly, though I hope I haven’t cursed myself by saying that.

Another trend that I have a love/hate relationship with is huge handbags. They can be so cute and so HEAVY! Especially when you stuff everything that you could conceivably ever need into them. The huge bag thing has definitely been an issue for me (and my chiropractor). So now I carry (for the most part) a smaller bag that has the wallet built in and various pockets that I can stuff things into. But every once in a while, I HAVE to drag out my ginormous bags if they go with an outfit; I just try not to dump the whole contents of my house into them!

I’m sure that there are whole categories of fashionable suffering that I’ve endured that I’m forgetting about. And I think I will just forget that I ever saw the article about my skinnies and nerve damage. Mine are not that tight. Or am I just in fashion denial? And are there other “me’s” out there?

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  1. I know what you are saying. For about 20 years I never carried any form of a purse because I was afraid of back issues. However, the past three years I have been purchasing all kinds of totebags and purses. I love them so much. Currently, my laptop has a home in an oriental totebag and I carry one type of purse or another with my personal stuff. I now am addicted. :)