Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh Baby !

I used to think that there's nothing better than shopping to cheer myself up. You know, that nice little something that you really didn't need but just had to have. Then last week everything changed when my new grand baby arrived. Life just became suddenly a whole lot sweeter and even more rewarding. I now have double the excuse to go shopping! I start out thinking I'll just buy something small for the baby and see if I can find something for myself. Well, of course, we all know how that turns out. All of a sudden I find more items in my shopping cart than I planned on or I find myself drifting to more sites on line. It's just so darn easy to do and the stores and websites make it so easy and so inviting with all their sales and such. I'm starting to become one of those closet shoppers and hiding things here and there so my husband doesn't know. He keeps asking where did that come from and I just keep saying, "Oh, I bought that for the baby awhile ago and was saving it." I think he's catching on now though. She's a bundle of pure joy to behold and yet so satisfying all at the same time. Then a package arrived last week with some new clothes for me. You know who asked, what's that for? I said, "Hey, even Grammie has to look good when visiting the little one. You never know who else might be there visiting too." He just smiled and laughed it all away for now. I just happened to be Fall shopping from Chadwicks. I just love the boyfriend sweater and essential cami. I also bought a pair of bootcut five-pocket jeans. It's the perfect outfit an on the go working Grammie needs. I can wear it to the office and then straight to my son's house to visit the baby. Everything fit nicely, the quality was good and it looked great on! I did receive several compliments. It's great being a new Grammie but I can't wait until the day when we girls can go shopping together!

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