Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day in the Life

As our 2nd book of the season is in home (and in all of your hands). I thought to myself what do our readers and customers really want to know? How about a glimpse of a Day in the Life of a Chadwicks Associate? Today is the day that we analyze and dig into the 2nd Spring book. We compare actual sales versus our plan for each item in the catalog and make any recommendations for future books. It is amazing how different the performance can be for an item based on the color it is featured in or even the actual shot of the item. For example this shirt to the right, when it was featured in a purple colorway it actually perfomed better than the yellow. We adjust our plans to reflect the differences in each shot, and we are constantly analyzing and making sure that each catalog is as best as the next. We are monitoring our inventory levels to ensure that you are not on backorder for considerable lengths of time, and to ensure that we are offering enough of a particular size! The tasks and decisions we make today truly affect the future books of the season! This is just a glimpse of our day....Do you have any questions that you have been dying to know about what we do at Chadwicks? If so...let me know!

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