Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion for the “Golden” Girls

Boy, I really can’t help myself. Since I work with fashion, I find myself critiquing what people wear, no matter where I see them. And that includes the 2010 Olympic games.

What was the deal with the ski outfits that the female freestyle skiers wore in their events? Guess they must have lost the coin toss with the Alpine skiers. That cute Hannah Kearney (didn’t she look adorable with her pigtails!) looked like she was wearing a pair of baggy old pajamas while Lindsey Vonn and her teammates looked all sleek and glammed up in their skiwear.

Does anyone know how the USA team picks their gear? And if there’s some reason why the Alpine skiers got the better part of the fashion deal? Are they dressed for speed and the free-stylers dressed for protection? Not that it seemed to matter, both women won GOLD even if one of them, in my opinion, didn’t hit the jackpot style-wise!



  1. Hello and thanks for tuning in to the Olympics and my event of mogul skiing. This is Hannah Kearney and I wanted to explain the uniform situation. None of the athletes have a choice about what they wear. The uniforms our made by our respective team's sponsors. The alpine team's sponsor is Spyder and they wear form fitting GS suits to be as aerodynamic as possible. Under Armour makes the freestyle suits and our clothing is baggier because, in our judged sport, the material can help disguise breaks in form. Luckily, stars are my favorite shape and I enjoyed my uniform. I hope this answers your question.

  2. Hey, great performance, no matter what you were wearing! Thanks for taking time to answer my question and making me more well-informed:)