Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashion Week (weak for fashion!)

Right now in the Creative Department, where we design the catalogs & emails you receive (and also where I work), we are just wrapping up all of the summer books and starting to come up with ideas, or as we call them internally, concepts, for fall. And let me tell you… there is some good, no GREAT, stuff coming your way! Because we work ahead of the actual calendar, I often find myself brainstorming about swimwear stories during Christmas and writing about holiday gifts in mid July. It is a funny way to work that does take some getting used to, but once you do, it is a blast!

So I guess, In my mind I’m right in line with the Fall 2010 Fashion Shows that have been showing in NYC and London these past two weeks. I already have a mental list of my must-haves for this coming fall & winter (a shearling jacket!). Like this one, on sale now at Chadwicks

But before I get too ahead of myself I am going to enjoy the warm weather and work on my spring shopping (getting the items I’ve been scouting since last September…finally)! And first on my list: this fun Python-Print Dress, it's a sophisticated way to embrace the safari/tribal trend and lucky for me it's also on SALE... let the spring shopping begin!

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