Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Caring with Heart!

Have you ever really looked at those care labels in your garments? Well, don't be so quick to cut them out before reading them. Why you're thinking? Every day in my department, there is alot of work that goes into providing those care instructions. Believe me, it's a long process that involves everything from fabric development, color approvals and garment testing. All this is done so that the best possible care is provided to our customers. What's more important is that when you care for your garments as instructed on the label, they last much longer. Who doesn't want their favorite pair of jeans, sweater or tee to last? Let's face it, we all love to shop for new clothes but still have our favorites we go back to. I call them my comfy clothes.

So, during the month of February which is typically known for the big day of the heart, Valentine's Day, put some passion into caring for all your garments. There's definitely a "Passion for Fashion" here at Chadwicks and we put our hearts into it every day. We offer many great styles with easy-to-care for instructions such as the twist front mesh tee (purple is my favorite color). What's your favorite item and color?

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  1. I like this top also but in the Aegean White color.