Friday, February 19, 2010

Reunion Outfit

My 8th aunt called me the other night for a family reunion that will take place in this coming summer in Toronto. In my memory, a family reunion is usually a serious event in which we all have to dress up 80% formally and 20% casually. Since I will be representing my parents, who are only willing to take flight within 2-hr distance, I’d better start thinking about what I am gonna wear for the family reunion.

According to my mom’s rules, I should wear dress/skirt that can cover my knee during the family reunion. No jeans, no pants, no sleeveless top & no open-toe heels.

Here's my outfit plan:

Skirt Suit: Even though those flower sandals look amazing with the skirt suit, I will have to pick other heels this time :(

Here are the heels that I am thinking about....


  1. I love this skirt suit! I'm definitely going to buy one to wear to work and then I can mix the jacket with jeans on the weekend.