Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Commercials during The Big Game

Like the rest of America, I love watching commercials during the big game and critiquing them. Working in marketing here at Chadwicks, I enjoy seeing what other companies are doing out there even if during a football game is not a time where women’s apparel is really advertised. Regardless, here is my opinion on my favorites and the failures of these companies’ million dollar advertising initiatives.

My Favorites:
My favorite Doritos commercial was “Dog Gets Revenge” where a man eating Doritos tells a dog he has to bark in order to receive a dorito, however the dog is wearing a “no bark” collar that would give him an electric shock if he did bark. The dog ends up taking his collar off, putting it on the man, barking, and then eating the Doritos while the man is getting zapped.

Snickers Betty White commercial showed a group of men playing football and telling one of their friends that he is playing like Betty White. Betty White then takes a bite of a Snicker and magically turns into the man. I found it odd that Snickers was promoting eating their candy bar to play football better (something that Gatorade might advertise) but overall Betty White definitely made the commercial what it was. I hope I am as funny and hip as her when I am 88 but chances are I will be drooling in my wheelchair or long gone.

As the majority of people in America have punched someone or gotten punched at least once in their life after driving by a Volkswagen, I thought this commercial probably had a large likable factor across the board since people could relate to it. And of course the ending with Stevie Wonder definitely made the commercial what it was and had me cracking up.

The Failures:
I thought Monster could have done a better job promoting their site to be a more credible source of finding a job besides showing a beaver playing a violin.

There are many other things I would like to see before a number of middle aged, out of shape men in their tighty whities. However Dockers noted to go on their web site to receive a free pair of pants. I checked it out and their site has an area for you to enter your email address for the chance to win one of the thousands of pairs of khakis they are giving away.

In the end there were many more favorites than failures!
What commercial did you like best/least during the big game?


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