Friday, February 5, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Looks like it’s a win for jewel tones this award season. Although there were a few actresses that went with pastels and looked sensational. Or at least that’s what I got by watching the award shows like the Golden Globes, the SAG awards and the Grammys. Here are my favorites in those dresses that glowed like the jewels they are named for:

At the Golden Globes: I loved Ginnifer Goodwin’s short, electric blue dress;
at the SAG awards: Lea Michele, (from TV’s Glee), took home the gold as far as I was concerned; that emerald (or was it teal) dress was a gem; and at the Grammy’s: I liked Fergie’s neon blue dress with the gold snakey stripe. In the pink/purple range, Mariska Hargitay worked a fuchsia gown and Anna Kendrick showed up in royal purple at the SAG awards, they were a close second in my opinion.

Speaking of the Grammy’s, my local radio station was giving away a free trip and I got to thinking about what to wear if I won. I can dream, can’t I? It would be from Chadwicks, of course and it would have to be jewel tone. I just wonder if jewel tones can be worn by someone who’s a bit (oh, alright, I’ll admit it—a lot) older than these actresses. Can anyone help me out?

by AEL

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