Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's in a Name?

My wife and I welcomed our little guy, Benjamin, into our lives 5 weeks ago (time is flying!), and we couldn't be happier... a little sleep deprived, but that's another story. When we go out, we get the normal questions from strangers- How old is he? How much did he weight? How long was he? One question we get a lot that surprised me was the meaning behind his name. We picked the name because we both liked it, it's not a family name or anything like that, we just realized we'd better like a name we're going to repeat a million times over the years!

It got me thinking, do most people pick names out for their children because of a special meaning or because it's a family name, or is it based more on what you like? Or maybe a mix of both, between the first and middle names? How did you decide on the names of your children?


  1. True Story:
    My husband wanted Paine, I didn't; I needed something that went well with John as the middle name. We were in the grocery story and Kathie Lee was on the cover of people with her son Cody. I said "what about Cody John"? My husband said OK.
    Five years later I met her and Frank and got to tell them that story.

  2. LOL - while pregnant, I was reading a Country Living article about a grandmother picking berries with her grandson, Braxton. We loved it and did not know any other of the same name. So in reality, our son is named after some kid somewhere we never even met! (His middle name is William - a family name of many generations.) He is now 6 yrs old, and we now are aware of about 3 more Braxton's in the area. Must have started something! ;)