Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My favorite new accessory . . .

Over the weekend my husband convinced me to pick up a few fashion scarves to spruce up my wardrobe.  At first I was a bit skeptical.  Chadwick’s and metrostlye both accessorize with scarves throughout the catalogs and the models always look great.  However, would I look just as fashionable or just plain silly?  As I have mentioned before I am accessory challenged, but I have to say I love my new scarves.  They quickly and easily bring a bit of color and style to my wardrobe.  I received so many compliments from my co-workers, not to mention my husband, on how hip and adorable I looked.  It is amazing how such a small investment can update your whole look and give new life to your existing wardrobe.  Let’s be honest, we’re all trying to stretch our budget these days and a simple item such as a scarf or pin can help us to feel pretty without breaking the bank. I’ve already started to think about what great new accessory I can purchase next.  Will it be a great statement necklace, a shiny pin or a fun headband?  Let me know what your favorite accessories are and then be sure to check back to see what I picked. 


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