Monday, October 12, 2009

If It's Free...

I love live theater, though I seldom get to Broadway (too far and too expensive). The closest I get is ushering at the local little theater group near where I live. In that way, I’ve seen some pretty awesome plays, but they don’t seem to have the room to do any musicals. And I just love seeing singing and dancing so it seemed like seeing Mama Mia (wasn’t Meryl Streep just a hoot!) was going to have to tide me over until somebody in Hollywood got the nerve to revisit that genre. But after reading an article online about Break Out in Song, I’ve determined that I could afford to see a musical, or at least a part of one-especially when it’s free.

Break out in song is a public arts project that puts on live performances of songs from musicals in public places and springs them on their unsuspecting audiences with incredible results. And I just wish I could be around when they show up next to work their magic. And magic it is—just look at the faces in the crowd when they are performing! It just makes me want to transplant the whole thing to Boston. Now if I my talents for singing and dancing could just be improved…

According to their website, they are now looking for suggestions of which numbers to perform in the future, I’m all for Make Someone Happy from Do Re Mi. Which production number would you vote for?

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