Thursday, October 8, 2009

Single Again

So, here I am, 42 years old and I'm single again. I was married for over 11 years and with my ex-husband for over 13 all together. Needless to say, I was a little nervous about being completely on my own. I'm finding I love it.

I have a new apartment that I got to completely decorate on my own. I'm learning to do a lot of little things for myself, like hang pictures or kill creepy crawlies. (I hate bugs.) I am always busy, between work, the gym and my friends. I took a vacation for the first time in 20 years and had a great time. I've gone to a Red Sox game, a bachelorette party, played poker (and won!) and a variety of other things that I never had a chance to do before.

I suppose the one thing that still confounds me is dating. The last time I dated there was no Email, Twitter, Facebook, or Internet dating. I didn't realize that texting and instant messaging are now considered dates to some people. I have met some very nice men, some of which have turned out to be really good friends. I have also met some very strange people. It truly amazes me what some people will try to get away with on a first date.

The natural continuation of dating is what to wear. I have recently lost a lot of weight and have no idea on how to dress. Thank heaven I have my style divas here at Chadwicks. (Thanks ladies!) They have been wonderful helping me pick things out that actually look good on me and helping me put a wardrobe together. They are teaching me the fine art of accessorising and even how to wear heels again.

How about you other recently single women? Any advice on clothes or dating?

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  1. I was 19 when I met my ex and divorced by 31 so my whole adult life had been with him so I understand! But I agree, it is so much fun finding yourself again, you are a completely different person now. I didn't know what to do about dating either and friends suggested, speed dating, asking a guy out myself all of which I tried (don't bother w/ speed dating unless you need some comic relief!). Boy I could do some stand up comedy! Most importantly, just have fun and keep yourself open to new experiences. As for clothes, again try something you have always liked, but didn't dare try before. Maybe it will fit better with the new you! I was never into clothes or shoes until after my divorce and I am now a shopaholioc. Also make sure you have a true friend you can take shopping with you that will tell you if you are trying to look too much like a teenager.