Monday, October 19, 2009

Dos and Don’ts when you’re pregnant

First of all, make your weekends available around your due date!
I was happy enough to coordinate a baby shower for my dear friend, but I am now regretting it. She is due January 15th and so a few of us started to talk about planning her baby shower back in July and thank goodness we did.
There are 7 of us who are participating in hosting this shower and so the most difficult part “I thought” would be finding a date we ALL could attend. Boy was I wrong! The most difficult part has been finding a date that the “soon to be mother” can actually attend. Can you believe this? Attend her own shower? She has had every weekend booked since September into November. We really wanted to do this before the holidays because Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are so crazy for everyone and we figured the “mother to be” would want some time to get everything settled before her new bundle of joy is delivered with the holidays and all. Wrong! She’s been so difficult that we told her husband to just have her pick a day and low and behold it’s 2 days after Thanksgiving. So just a word of advice if you’re pregnant, please be accommodating so people can plan your baby shower.

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