Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I guess you can say the northeast has gotten more than its fair share of rain this month and there is only one thing good about it (except the fact that we will all have lawns that look like Fenway Park!)……we get to wear cute rain boots! I recently got rain boots for Christmas and I think that I got them just in time due to the amount of rain we received this year already. They are super cute black high boots with big white polka dots all over. To tell you the truth, I even wear them when it’s not raining. It seems that these rain boots are every where, I see them in all the stores with crazy designs and colors, making it actually fun to wear them even though rain isn’t too fun! They also have really cute kid’s boots, my niece has a pair that looks like little frog faces and she also has the matching umbrella! All in all, even when it rains you want to look your best, so go grab a fun pair of rain galoshes and make a statement!

By Coco

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