Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shoes Galore!!
The other day someone asked me how many pairs of shoes I had, and when I told them about 100, he looked at me like I had ten heads. In my mind it is normal for women to have that many pairs of shoes, but after asking a few other co-workers, I came to the conclusion that it really isn’t that normal or should I say common to own that many shoes. Well actually if I asked my sister, she would agree that having a lot of shoes is a staple! She has way more shoes that I do, to the point where she has to hide them from her husband. She actually just bought a really cute pair of sandals from Chadwick’s that she had to intercept from the UPS man before her husband got home.
I love shoes, they are the one article of clothing that you can never look fat in and they always look good on you!! And I also think that shoes can make or break an outfit, for example you could be wearing the cutest black top with a nice pair of jeans and throw on funky pair of bright pink heels giving the outfit a totally new twist! Or you could put on a pair of shoes that you still have from high school and completely ruin the outfit! Whatever the case, you should always be conscience of your shoes and make sure they make a statement!

by Coco

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  1. I have more than that and, of course, it's perfectly normal!