Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get "Ruffled" Up this Season!

I'm not usually one to buy into one-season fashion trends, it's just too hard (and costly!) to buy tons of items in a trend and then have it go out of style in a few months. Enter, the trend I love (and it's sticking around)! RUFFLES! They're everywhere, accenting the hem of a trench coat, dolling up a cute pair of booties, and adding that special feminine flair to that "oh-so-tired" white button down shirt. I love this Ruffle-Front Shirt from Chadwicks, pair it with a pair of dark-denim skinny jeans and hot red booties or flats for a shopping day with the girls, or tuck it into a pair of great trousers and throw a sleek cardigan over it for work! So versatile and I love that it makes the outfit look unique.

The ruffle can show up anywhere and just between me and you, even if this trend fizzles in a few months, I think I'm still going to keep it in my clothing rotation -it just makes me feel pretty! :)

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