Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hopping to Find a Dress for Easter!

Is it March already? That's what I've been sitting here thinking and where does the time go? What, Easter is April 4th this year, wow that's early (two weeks actually)! I'm not ready and I have nothing to wear. I've been looking at all these great clothes for Spring and suddenly realized I've got to find a dress soon for Easter! It sure would be nice to have a casual and yet comfortable dress that I could wear to my Mom's for Easter. It's so hard sometimes to find just the right dress or outfit and you want to look just right in it too. In my daily routine here at work, I'm always wrapped up in the compliance end of it with packaging, labeling, testing, etc. Then the samples arrive, you see the web updates and advanced copies of catalogs and the excitement about what I'm going to buy starts!

Well, I am so happy that I found the dress for me (and not just for Easter). It's Chadwicks new tie front shaper dress. It's going to provide me with that little extra for the shaping in those areas where needed and yet I can feel comfortable enough to wear it all day. The fabric and colors are great and I can wear it just about anywhere. It's easy to care for and easy on your wallet. Now, this is my kind of dress! I chose the royal blue floral, but they are all great colors, what will you choose?

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