Monday, March 15, 2010

Maternity Fashion

You find out your pregnant and probably the last thing that comes to your mind is what you will wear but sooner or later you are faced with the ever growing belly and the ever dwindling choices for clothes in your closet. This leads to shopping and many women dread maternity shopping. I discovered while pregnant with my daughter that it doesn't have to be a chore but rather a fun and exciting experience. I've found that you do not need to give up your own personal style or sacrifice your fashion sense just because your waistline is expanding. You can still wear the current trends and still shop at your favorite fashion stores and websites. There is no need to run to the maternity store and spend money on clothes you will never wear again just because the style really isn't your own. With the current fashion trends you can buy fashion forward clothes that will work on a pregnant body without breaking the bank or sacrificing your sense of style . Leggings have long been a maternity staple and now more then ever you can find a wide assortment of fun prints and colors everywhere. Some leggings are even made with denim. This is an amazing breakthrough that has solved the crisis of wearing the trendy skinny jeans while pregnant. Baby doll styles in dresses and tops are a great way to show off your belly and the return of tunics are a flattering solution to the issue of the what to wear on top of your leggings. With leggings and tunics also comes the great footwear known as flats, they are perfect for the ever expanding feet and serve as a fashionable alternative to wearing sneakers. Giving up your heels is hard but nothing throws off your balance like a protruding belly not to mention the back pain you will experience. I'm a heel addict and love the way retailers have made flats just as fun and stylish as pumps. It's sometimes hard to feel fashionable while pregnant especially while your body changes sizes daily but with leggings and tunics you can still be comfortable and fashionable while you grow. The best part about buying clothes you love and not just clothes you settled on while pregnant is that after you have your bundle of joy you will be able to wear your new styles over and over again(we all know you just don't go back to the size you where over night.) I know after the arrival of my daughter I lived in roomy tunic tops and leggings I bought while I was pregnant. With fashion being the way it is today, its a great time to be pregnant !!! Now that I am 5 months pregnant with my son and showing I am looking forward to shopping at my favorite web site and buying the clothes I love and would have bought anyway regardless of my pregnancy! Shopping for great new clothes is now just another fun perk of being pregnant. If you are pregnant try your favorite stores or websites before you run to the maternity store or department you may just be surprised as to what you will find:)

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