Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Shopping Style

Last night after work I swung by the mall on my way home. I had seen some ads in my favorite magazines and wanted to check out the stores for some specific items. I cruised solo through the mall... a girl on a mission. That's how I shop, alone.

I am usually prompted by an advertisement or by one of my favorite websites, and if there is a store nearby, I want to check it out in person, by myself. Friends, family and boyfriends can't and don't want to keep up while I go store to store...and store to store. Shopping is a personal thing. I know some who won't shop without friends, who like to have a second opinion. Some people avoid malls (or busy shopping streets) like the plague and opt for catalog and online shopping.

I do make a lot of purchases online. I find something at a store and if they have a website, I take the night to think about it then go back and order it online. Same thing for catalogs. I get the catalog in the mail, if I see something I like then I go to the website to check it out then possibly buy it. So I'll throw the question out to you, how do you like to shop? Do you bring a friend or go solo? Do you prefer catalog, online or in-store shopping?


  1. I also like to shop alone. I am not a big shopper but when I get the urge, I definitely like to take my time and look around and sometimes I can't do that if someone is with me. Especially my husband or son. If they are with me when I see something, I always have to go back another time by myself. There are also times when I know exactly what I am looking for so I want to be in and out of a store and if I am with someone, then they may want to look around when all I want is to move on to the next store.

  2. I like to shop alone. If I have friends along with me, it just distracts me from the things I am looking for. If I like the way it looks on me and the way it feels that is all that matters. I shop a lot online especially if I'm use to their sizing chart and like the products, I'm more apt to buyonline than anywhere else.