Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vote for your Favorite Swim Look

With it still being snowy, windy and freezing for us in New England it is hard for me to think of buying a bathing suit for my pale, out of shape body however, like all retail companies we have started to sell our spring and summer product and it does cheer me up to see these beach looks and remind me of the reasons why I do love New England in the summer time. This week we are offering 20% off all swimwear to you-our loyal blog follower! With new product always being higher priced at the beginning of the season this gives you a great opportunity to receive a discount on our NEWEST swim arrivals. Take our poll and tell us what swim look you like best and then use promo code CHSWIM to get your 20% off! (offer expires 03/16/10)

1 comment:

  1. looking for a tank like top with a high back and a bottom a couple more inches longer than the board shorts.