Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Warm Weather Dreams

I have to admit it; I’m looking forward to the appearance of summer, much more than I usually am. Perhaps it’s because over the weekend, I found a pair of capri’s that never got packed away for the winter. I just don’t have the room to leave my wardrobe for this season, and the past and future seasons, hanging in the pathetically small spaces that pass for closets in my condo. So lately, a bathing suit top or a pair of shorts pops up from a drawer or shelf when I least expect it, and suddenly I’m deep in the throes of yearning for open-window and flip-flop weather.

So what’d I do to combat this very specific urge? You’ll laugh, but I put on the capri’s and wore them to bed. I suppose I was hoping for warm weather dreams. Though it didn’t work, I’m not giving up—over the weekend, I plan to wear the tankini top like a cami. It was one I got from Chadwicks a few years ago, so it’s soft and comfy, but that means I’m due for a new suit this summer. Time to go shopping!

Do you guys supplement your winter wardrobe with warm-weather stuff, too? Or am I the only one out there combining seasons in hopes of capturing that warm weather rush, if only in my very vivid imagination?

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