Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Aunts...

My mom has 5 sisters. 4 out of 5 live in LA and they all think they look like those hollywood moms.

Last week we had our summer book in home so I sent my aunts the left over copies that I got at work. 2 called me back after they received the book and asked me to get them this 4-piece outfit, an outfit that made them scream.

"It's amazingly classic! Do you have to be super skinny to wear it?" they asked.

"No, not really. My friend (alright, fine... I admit it.. it's really me) is 150 pounds and it looks great on her (my colleagues can prove it!!!)."

"Even the sand color one?"

"Yes, my friend [I] got the sand color one."

"Can you get it for me? I can't find any Chadwicks stores around here in LA," they said.

"Just go online to get it because we don't have retail stores" I said.

"But how am I going to get the employee discount then?"

Employee discount?! How do they even know I have employee discount? "Sure, I will get it for you and bring it to our family reunion," I said. So now I have to buy another 2 women's 4-piece outfit....

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