Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fashion Jewelry vs. Fine Jewelry

Over the last decade, it seems as though fashion jewelry has squeezed itself back into the market place, allowing women to wear cheaper jewelry while still looking trendy. As a young adult in the 90’s, I as well as my peers always wore real gold jewelry (that we have since traded in for Cash for Gold). It seems that the trend then was to spend more on rings and earrings and get the real stuff than to go to the mall and buy the fake earrings that turn your ears black! But now, this has changed! Many women are buying fun, trendy jewelry at a cheaper price, that they may only wear a few times. I personally buy “fashion jewelry” because I love the new funky earrings and bracelets that are cheap enough to buy and only use three or four times because they will probably go out of style soon…..and I also have a problem with losing all of the expensive jewelry that I have ever owned! I feel like as though many women have been in the same situation as I have where they have lost one diamond earring, and have to replace it with a fake one so that their significant other (who bought the earrings for them) won’t notice!! And since working at Chadwick’s I have been able to take of their fun, fashion jewelry offered online a pretty reasonable price! Would you rather wear fashion jewelry or fine jewelry? Share your comments!
by Coco

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