Friday, April 9, 2010

Floral Prints

I've never really been a fan of floral prints. They've always reminded me of wall paper in some old fashioned house. Spring and summer are the seasons for florals and every year I avoid them, not this year! This Spring, floral prints are popping up everywhere and on everything from dresses and shoes to handbags and its hard not to notice the trend. The difference this year being that the designers finally got it right! Gone are the days of tacky wall paper floral prints. This seasons prints are much easier to wear due to the variety of colors and flower patterns that are very different than expected making floral prints a must have in your spring wardrobe. Smaller prints and delicate flower choices make you feel less like a walking bouquet and more like a trend setter. Florals are a great way to add to and update any outfit. My advice is to add a little flower power to your closet this spring and enjoy this newly improved trend.

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