Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see?

Is your body image positive or negative? Most of us focus a lot of attention on our bodies. Women in the US are under pressure to measure up to a certain social and cultural ideal of beauty, which can lead to poor body image. By presenting an ideal that is so difficult to achieve and maintain, the cosmetic and diet product industries are guaranteed growth and profit. Instead of trying to conform to the rigid beauty ideal promoted by the media, experiment with finding a style or look that expresses something about yourself and feels good to you. For me it is comfort. If I am not comfortable in my clothes I am not happy.

It is certainly OK to be concerned with looking good and it is very important to be concerned with our health, it is another thing to believe our self worth and value is based on how our bodies look. We all want to look our best, but a healthy body is not always linked to appearance. Notice how much time you spend worrying about your looks instead of being aware of what is going on inside of you or around you. Being unhappy with your body can affect how you think and feel about yourself as a person. . It would be sad to miss the wonderful version of “you” that so many other people see and appreciate because of something inside of us that is not based on reality. Changing your body image means changing the way you think about your body. Developing a positive body image and a healthy mental attitude is key to a woman’s happiness and wellness. There is one rule that if followed will save us many failed diets. This comes from a dietician:

The rule is this: Only eat when you’re truly hungry, and stop when you’re full”.

Listen to your hunger, and eat a healthy meal or snack when hunger calls.

Our bodies are an important aspect of who we are, but far from all of who we are. Our body weight does not determine our worth. We need to create a healthy loving and empowering relationship with our body through healthy eating, regular exercise, and plenty of rest. Remember, healthy lifestyle choices are key to improving body image.

For help with making healthy choices here is a great website.


We are much more than our bodies!

How much do you view your value as a person based on the way your body looks?

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