Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wait…What’s a Cankle?!

I was at my desk working away when I heard it and it was music to my ears. Since I’m a writer and voracious reader, my ears just perk right up when I hear a word that I’ve never heard before and I just had to ask my boss what she meant by the word “cankle”. Everybody else seemed to know what she was talking about so I thought I’d better get up to speed.

Apparently, the same people that came up with the words “love handle”, “muffin top” and “saddlebags” (I’m not sure that I like those geniuses) to describe women’s various figures problems have come up with a word to describe chubby + ankles=cankle, or at least that’s how I think it came about. Or maybe ankle + same diameter as calf=cankle. Guess women have genetics to thank for the condition. Or at least that’s what the Today show’s health segment had to say. Take a listen for yourself…

The good news (according to the video) is you can make your cankles less noticeable by what you wear (I’m a big fan of disguise, sleeveless tops have fallen by the wayside for me in favor of short sleeve or ¾-sleeve ones). Here’s the advice that Today was passing along: wear longer pants, longer dresses, or a 
nice-looking wedge. Maybe Chadwicks can help in the fight with something like this...

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