Monday, August 24, 2009

Great White Sharks on Cape Cod?

We have all seen the movie Jaws and I for one always think of sharks when I swim in the ocean. Even in Maine where the water is always chilly. It just freaks me out that you can't see the bottom and you just never know.....

I am a little alarmed at the recent sightings that have occurred in Chatham harbor. There has been an increase in seal populations which has led to Great White sightings only 50ft from shore! There was a couple this past week out on their Kayak that claim just a few feet from their boat that a Great White Shark leapt out of the water grabbing a seal! Can you imagine? If that were me, I think I would freeze in terror. Would I be able to row myself in or just sit there in a daze?

Why is it that so many people fear sharks? I have to admit I am fascinated by them (only from afar) and enjoy watching Shark week on TV. It is so comforting to be on the couch, while watching these large predators; nothing to fear except for the large mound of laundry that never seems to go away. I think what scares me the most is that sharks can only touch by their sharp toothed mouths; they just clench down to figure out if the morsel is worth taking and I would not want that to be me.

I think I am done swimming for the summer.

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